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1 Reykjavík, Keflavík, Sandgerði, Grindavík, Dalvík, Húsavík, Akureyri, Ólafsvík, Heimaey, and many others
2 Elding, Hvalalíf-Life of whales, Sjósigling, Special tours, Arctic sea tours, Gentle Giants, North Sailing, Viking tours, Sea tours, Siglingaferðir and more
3 Information regarding the trip, the total number of whales per species seen, if whales were in a group, weather conditions and any other information you think might be relevant
4 Information about the whale in the image you are about to submit, such as if it was seen with another whale that you will or have already submitted, behaviour (ie. was it feeding, breathing, playing) or any other information you think might be relevant

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